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Posted Thr 09/03/2017

Spring is here. It's that time of year when we shake off the winter months. Thinking of shedding a bit of weight? Getting more active? Perhaps a wardrobe makeover for the better weather?

We all want to look good for Spring and Summer but what about feeling good too?

What if we could clear out any emotional baggage that we've been carrying around? Become more focused and ready for success?

Mental well-being is the secret to feeling good inside and it shows on the outside too.

From stress and low mood to confidence building...I've put together a list of great resources available now in Lanarkshire and surrounding areas and best of all.... it's free to feel good.

FREE now in Glasgow and Lanarkshire....

Free Stress Control Sessions:

Devised by Glasgow Clinical Psychologist Jim White, these classes run in various locations throughout Lanarkshire over 6 weeks. Each session is designed to help you learn about stress, control your thoughts, feeling and responses and manage panic and sleep problems. For more information and to book see www.elament.org.uk/self-help-resources/stress-control-classes.aspx

Telephone Based Guided Self-Help:

Free access to self-help coaches and therapist to help guide you through a range of free workbooks. Learn to control problems such as low mood and anxiety over a series of telephone sessions. For more information call 0800 328 9655 (Mon-Fri 1-9pm).

Live Life to the Full with Free Online CBT:

Feel happier and more confident with free online courses expertly written by Glasgow University Professor Chris Williams. From sessions titled '10 things you can do to feel happier straight away' to 'how to fix almost anything' this is the straight talking guide to feeling good. To sign-up free see www.llttf.com

Mindfulness Classes:

Change the way you think and feel and reduce stress by learning mindfulness. Renowned author and mindfulness teacher Martin Stepek offers a choice of free classes from locations in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. This is an opportunity not to be missed. www.martinstepek.com

Beating the Blues Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

8 free sessions delivered weekly via an online course. This is an effective form of treatment for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. From goal setting to challenging negative thoughts, CBT can help you make positive changes. For more information on how to access this free service see www.elament.org.uk/self-help-resources/beating-the-blues/

So it's time to finally feel good with Dr. Henderson Hypnotherapy.

Coming next week:

Your Guide to Your Best Ever Sleep (and you guessed it... it's free)

Dr.Sarah Henderson is a clinical hypnotherapist and well-being advisor based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. For more information see www.doctorhenderson.com

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